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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
Which artist first released the song 'You Said No' in 2003?
Question 2
Who composed the musical work 'Fanfare for the Common Man'?
Question 3
Who made the song with this chorus: "I keep on fallin' in and out of love with you - I never loved someone the way that I loved you"?
Question 4
Complete the title of the O-Town hit "All of…"?
Question 5
Which "hardest working man in show business" was the opening act at the ill-fated Woodstock 99?
Question 6
Jam-Master Jay was the DJ for what rap supergroup?
Question 7
What is the name of Lady Gaga's sister?
Question 8
Who "Hooked Me Up" according to the title of a B2K album?
Question 9
As of Dec 2014, How old is Moroccan pop star Ryan Belhsen?
Question 10
According to Rolling Stone Magazine, the song 'B.O.B.' is the 21st best song of the past decade. Who made it?
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